Frequently Asked Questions

What is the payment schedule?

Our initial deposit is $750. All payments are non-refundable and may be made with cash, bank check, personal check or major credit card. A payment of $2,000 is due 90 days after your original deposit. 50% of your remaining balance is due 90 days prior to the event date as well as  an approximate guest count. Final payment is due by your ten day meeting prior to your event.


How do I make payments?

Payments are accepted by cash, personal and bank checks, or major credit cards. If you plan on utilizing a credit card following your initial deposit, you will be ineligible for Birch Hill’s automatic cash discount of 3%. Please speak with your Bridal Consultant for further details.

Is there a minimum guest count for the venues?

There are no minimum guest counts here at Birch Hill. Instead, a minimum spend is required to book each space. Please call one of our Bridal Consultants for further information.

When do I bring in my favors, place cards, etc…?

You may drop off your items the day or two before your event. Your place cards should be in alphabetical order by last name. Any special instructions should also be noted. If additional setup is needed there may be a charge of $42 per hour per staff member to setup anything beyond the items listed above.

When is my final head count due?

Your guaranteed guest count will be due 10 days prior to your wedding.

Do you offer tastings?

We host our own wedding show every March. We prepare a variety of our featured seasonal items and encourage our couples to make their menu choices following the show. If you’d prefer a private tasting, please speak to your Bridal Consultant for details.

Do you serve shots?

We practice safe alcohol service; we are not permitted to serve shots at any time.

Are there hotel accommodations close by?

There are several hotels within 15 minutes of Birch Hill. Please call one of our Event Coordinators to find out more information on lodging and available shuttle services.

What is the administrative expense?

The administrative expense referred to on the contracts and/or policies and procedures is an administrative overhead charge applied to all pricing. It is not purported to be a gratuity and will not be distributed as gratuities to the staff as they are hourly employees.

Are there discounted prices for kids and vendors?

Kids and vendors are charged a discounted rate, which is determined based on the specific food and beverage options in your custom package.

Have Additional Questions?

Our team is ready to answer any and all questions you may have. Want to see the property? Let us know and we will give you the grand tour.