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Animals & Wildlife At Birch Hill

Horses, Swans & More

We have quite the variety of animals and wildlife on the Birch Hill grounds. It is not uncommon for our peafowl to be spotted mingling among our guests at outdoor events.

Black Australian Swans

Ricky & Lucy

Lovely to watch as they glide along performing their dance for all to see. They love the attention and are very friendly. Lucy can be often found venturing all the way up to the ballrooms.

Polish Mute Swans

Jackie O

The matriarch of our pond is Jackie O. She’s been here the longest, and is just starting to get used to sharing her pond. The mating pair of Polish mute swans are Grafton and Bee Bee. We’re hoping to be the home of their signets next season.


Rocky & Adrian

There are three types of peafowls at Birch Hill: Blue India, Magnificent White and Oatmeal. Peafowl are native birds of India, Java, Ceylon and Malaya. Having been known for their beauty since ancient times. It is a bird that has been imported into almost every country in the world. The male is the bird with the spectacular plumage while the female is much less spectacular. Currently there are eleven peafowls on property.

Chinese Geese

Rush & Herbie

They are the “watch dogs” of geese because of their alert and talkative nature. Currently there are eight Chinese Geese patrolling the grounds.

Koi & Rainbow Trout

Fill the Ponds & Streams

Strolling on the waters edge you can enjoy watching the 100+ colorful Koi visit the surface or keep your eyes open for the thousands of Rainbow trout swimming around.

Seasonal & Local Guests


Many transient birds call our pond home for the spring and summer seasons. Birds that frequent the grounds include mallards, blue herons and grey herons.

Forrest Animals

If you pay attention you may see some of the local wildlife on the grounds. It is not uncommon to see a herd of deer grazing on the lawn and rabbits hopping along the forrest edge.

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