Birch Hill Estate

Tents & Grounds


About The Venue

When you tour Birch Hill’s vast and varied grounds, you will find more than 75 acres of private property available for all of your event needs. There are countless types of trees and flowers in the woodlands and gardens that have hosted astounding events. The pond with a fountain, peacocks and swans and unobscured starry nights cap off the majestic scene.

Backyard barbecues, rustic chic weddings and garden glam parties all have a home in this natural oasis. All you need to do is pick your dream location on the grounds and let us do all the work creating the perfect setting for your unique event. From tents, fire pits and drapery to paper lanterns, we have access to everything you need to light up this incredible space with your style.

Hallmark Features

Vast lush natural acreage
Woodlands and wildlife
Pond with fountain


Optional fire pit space
On-site custom rentals available
Serviced by a top Albany catering team



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