Stablegate Farm and Vineyard

Tents & Grounds


About The Venue

Wherever your guests find themselves on the 40+ acres of private property that comprise Stablegate Farm and Vineyard, they will enjoy clear, starry skies and unparalleled views. Providing access to vineyards, horse pastures, ponds and wildflower fields, Stablegate Farm and Vineyard is your entry point to 360 degrees of natural beauty.

To make the most of the stellar views, Stablegate Farm uses custom drapery, romantic lighting, paper lanterns, specialty chairs and tables, linens and anything else you can imagine to deck out clear span tents. As your guests enjoy views of the Catskill Mountains or lush wildflower fields, they will be flooded with unforgettable experiences while they walk among the grape vines, pose with our horses or dance in the moonlit grove at Stablegate Farm and Vineyard.

Hallmark Features

Natural vistas and wildlife
40+ acres of flexible event space
360-degree natural views


Customizable set-ups and décor
Serene grove
Access to vineyards



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