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7 Ways to Take Picnic Activities to New Levels

From basketball and volleyball courts to horseshoe pits and corn hole greens, Birch Hill Estate and Stablegate Farm and Vineyard are all set up for your picnic games. And while we can’t wait to see your guests test their will in a good old-fashioned game of tug of war or team up for a game of softball, we are even more excited to help you give them an elevated picnic experience that surpasses their expectations.

When you start exploring our BBQ packages, you’ll find entertainment options that take your outdoor event to the next level.

How to Spice up Your Picnic Entertainment

1. Reserve a Talented Activities Coordinator

Everyone who works with Birch Hill to plan their event benefits from the expertise of our event coordinators. Knowing how critical these individuals are to event plans running smoothly, we provide a complimentary event coordinator. From your initial inquiry until the final minutes of your outdoor event, the skilled and dedicated team at Birch Hill is here with you every step of the planning process

When you request to have an activities coordinator on-site, this person will set up your picnic games, rally participants, hand out any designated prizes and keep your event energy up. Free yourself from overseeing your entertainment timeline and trust that 80 years of event experience will handle it flawlessly. Trained to be extraordinarily vivacious and bring out each guest’s full potential, our activities coordinators make every game the most fun version your guests have ever seen.

Picnic Games and Activities

2. Encourage Exceptional Teamwork

Treasure hunts are one of the best ways to bond employees at company picnics. Relying on teamwork, mental acuity and diversified knowledge, these are a unique way to showcase and appreciate each individual’s talents. With access to softball fields, volleyball courts, and even horseshoe pits, there are endless other ways to unite guests under the umbrella of teamwork. Or consider carnival activities like dunk tanks, water balloons, egg tosses, or bobbing for apples which can draw a supportive crowd that brings people together and boosts guests’ confidence!

3. Turn Food Service into an Unforgettable Event

Picnics aren’t just about the food, but your custom menu certainly will be something guests look forward to. It can deliver so much more than delicious food; it can create an unforgettable culinary experience for guests of all ages. For example, a macaroni and cheese bar with all the toppings or steamed lobster tails cracked right in front of guests put on a very tasty show. Greet guests with a signature summer cocktail and leave them with custom sweet treats and fireworks, and your culinary display is complete!

Unforgettable Food and Mac and Cheese

4. Wash Away Worries

Known for their relaxed atmosphere and playful vibe, picnics are the ideal events to set up fun water activities that help guests kick back and have some extraordinary fun in the sun. From slip ‘n slides to dunk tanks and water wars, there are lots of water-based picnic activities that help guests literally and figuratively cool off. And our activities coordinators know how to keep them all lighthearted so guests take away endless laughs.

5. Add a Little Magic

Whether you opt for a magic stage show or an endless flow of cotton candy, spark guests’ curiosity and imagination in exciting new ways. We can recommend top DJs to play music that pairs nicely with each moment of intrigue and awe that guests experience at your outdoor event. Sometimes they can’t pinpoint what makes events at Birch Hill Estate so special, and that’s ok too—we know the 70+ acres of lush grounds with peacocks and ponds is enough to create a magical atmosphere. Let your guests capture these mysteries and moments on the grounds or in a formal photo booth; either way, they will take home a bit of Birch Hill magic from your picnic.

Birch Hill Estate Pond

6. Inflate Guests’ Competitive Spirits

There is nothing like putting on a sumo wrestling suit or becoming a human bowling ball to make a guest feel like a giant. We love to set up inflatable games like bouncy boxing to treat guests to a safe and fun release of energy. Add in some prizes that will remind them of your event theme, and it will be “game on” before you know it.

Inflatables at Outdoor BBQ's

7. Exemplify Your Picnic Theme

We know how important it is for every aspect of your event to bring out your theme and create a cohesive experience. That’s why in addition to setting up themed games and designing custom menus, we also offer complimentary linens in your choice of colors. For a luau-themed picnic, imagine a pig roast and tiki torch-lit volleyball match.

Our creative team can’t wait to hear about your unique picnic vision and bring it to life in memorable ways. For further insight and unparalleled support, contact us online or give us a call at 518.732.4444

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