How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Coordinator’s Expertise

How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Coordinator’s Expertise

Our experienced event coordinators know that your wedding dreams can’t be expressed in a checklist or executed through a standardized plan. Your vision is unique and your personality is its voice. That is why we provide a complimentary wedding consultant to every couple who trusts us to execute their wedding ideas in beautiful ways. From the moment they are paired to you, your wedding coordinator will not only take care of all the logistics but will also spend time building a meaningful relationship with you.

Let’s prepare to bring your wedding dreams to life without any stress or uncertainty upon your shoulders.

Productive Wedding Planning Made Easy

Trust Your Experienced Wedding Planning Team

All our professionals work tirelessly as a team to give you and your guests an experience they will never forget. In fact, together they operate as such a fine-tuned machine that you might think they are a family. And in fact, Birch Hill is backed by four generations of experience. Family values and passion come forth in every interaction you have with your talented wedding coordinator. This desire to get to know you as an individual and hone in on your distinct needs is one of the cornerstones of our superior service.

Wedding Planning by Birch Hill Catering

Relax knowing your wedding consultant has all the tools, resources, experience and expertise that your wedding vision calls upon. If you have any trouble relinquishing control, even of monotonous tasks and planning essentials, take some time to hear from other couples who placed their wedding dreams in our hands. The fewer worries and more confidence you have in your wedding planning team, the more you can enjoy the process and big day.

Tip: Express any concerns or reservations you have to your wedding consultant. Sharing their insider knowledge and giving you access to other event pros will ease any worries you may have—making it easier for you to extend trust to them.

Set Up a Plan of Communication

When you first meet with your wedding coordinator, be sure to let them know what form of contact is most convenient for you. They will make every effort to reach out to you in your preferred manner and at the most convenient times. They understand that your time is very precious and want to help you make the most of every day leading up to your wedding. Our goal is to keep your energy as high as possible and your stress level unnoticeable—allowing your love and joy to come forth.

Tip: If you are uncertain what method of contact will work best for you, ask your wedding coordinator to suggest some options. You may even want to consider possibilities like Skype and Facetime!

Share Critical Wedding Planning Experiences

With your wedding vision in mind, your personal wedding coordinator can handle much of your event day checklist and logistical needs alone. But big picture wedding planning steps like touring your venue or designing your menu are best shared. Let them guide you through Birch Hill’s phenomenal wedding spaces and experience the magnificent setting to its fullest. They know how to customize the nine venues to match your wedding theme and can show you their exemplary features and flexible options.

Wedding Venues and Spaces

Tip: Consider letting your wedding dreams extend outside to Birch Hill’s 110 acres of lush countryside for more than just your ceremony. For example, your seasoned consultant can show you and your bridal party some niche places where amazing wedding photos have been captured.

Keep Your Wedding Coordinator Up to Date

From last-minute requests to nervous jitters, no need or emotion is too much for our caring wedding experts to handle. It is our pleasure to be a source of unwavering support. They understand that wedding plans change and your wishes may too. Don’t be afraid to express how our team can better your experience leading up to and through your special day. Although we have won plenty of awards, nothing is more satisfying than hearing we’ve suprassed all expectations in cultivating your dream wedding.

Tip: Let your bridal party and other supporters know that your wedding consultant would love to hear from them and provide assistance. This frees you up from communicating about tasks they’ve taken responsibility for overseeing.

Stay Present and Mindful

The time leading up to and through your wedding should be one of pure excitement and joy. Recognizing this, most couples want their wedding coordinator to take care of all the finer details so they can enjoy the precious moments. In doing so, our coordinators also recognize the importance of looking ahead to anticipate challenges and needs that may arise. For example, at the conclusion of your wedding, we will ensure any personal effects are safely collected—allowing you to enjoy this special time without a single worry. So when the urge arises to think and plan ahead, remind yourself that you already have someone doing that for you. 

Stress-free Wedding Planning

Tip: You will have lots of photos from your wedding, but not all brides slow down to capture the fun ones leading up to it. Making a scrapbook can be a relaxing activity to enjoy during the weeks prior to your big day.

We look forward to handling your wedding planning needs with a meticulous attention to detail and proven expertise. To share your vision with our passionate team, contact us online or give us a call at 518.732.4444.

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